A few points about Sensorial Research

João Sousa Cardoso, September 2002

In catalogue Dentro de Mim, Galeria Canvas, Porto, October 2002


To refuse the traditional body, the daily use we make of the body, is to reject stereotypy, simplification, chance, the inconsequent linearity of physical expression without self-conscience. Rute Rosas challenges the spectator to participate, to use without complexes the implements any specific situation has to offer. Relational Aesthetics? Rute Rosas identifies herself with “a model of sociability that valorises inter-human relations by the convergence of the most diverse artistic and scientific areas”, but that refuses any kind of engagement towards currents or theories. She seeks the construction of “utopian spaces with real referents”, in an articulation between spatial context, the creative proposal and the spectator-participant.


Rute Rosas answers that the centre of the whole experience will be Memory: on one side the experience evokes psychosomatic experiences laying on the deep sleep of our personal history; on the other the aesthetical experience will be forever registered, imprinted, more or less silently harboured in our individual archive.


To amplify things of a tiny dimension, to put detail under a macroscope, to make it conscious and an effective moment are some of Rute Rosas’ labour fundaments, which invite not only an analysis, at several levels, of the body and the specificity of its grammar, but also underline the importance of availability and attention when re-writing the world from vulgarity, i.e., time. “The reduction of velocity imposes itself”.



Note: Rute Rosas’ quotations are part of a series of conversations with the artist, about “Dentro de mim” (Inside me), occurred between the 7th and the 14th of September, 2002