A Perfect Crime #3


Woodbox with speaker, seal, drawing in handcrafted paper and sound equipment
30 x 25 x 7 cm 
VIARCO's courtesy


This work was created in the context of the project "VIARCO EXPRESS". Along with materials such as chestnut wood and rosewood, brass, sound equipment, seal or handmade cotton paper, the graphite pencils, courtesy of VIARCO, were fundamental.

The work can only be unsealed by its owner or by the author.


Criteria to present the work:

  • it should be suspended on a wall or layed on a flat surface;

  • the audio equipment cannot be visible (reason why a 10m cable is sent with the piece);

  • the Cd should be on repeat;

  • the Cd Master and an exhibition copy are part of the work.



The piece is very fragile, it should not suffer abrupt movements.